Top Pick

Our latest Top Pick is extremely talented jeweller and designer from Norway, Elise Hatlo. Elise has a Masters degree in Visual Arts from the metal department of Oslo National Academy Of The Arts and is one of the key members of Norwegian Jewellery collective, KL!INK.

Kort Kirst 2

Golden rose, the color of the dream I had
Not too long ago
A misty blue and the lilac too
A never to grow old.

‘One Rainy Wish’ Jimi Hendrix 1967

This piece is from her “Grandma sings the Blues” collection.In this project, Elise pictures a grandmother sitting in a rocking chair, crocheting while she sings sad old blues songs. In blues music, the so called ‘blue notes’ are important. She has directly translated this mood in to the colours in her pieces.

Kort A5 kirsti 3

Elise wishes to convey the value of what previous generations have been dedicated to by using old patterns as a starting point for her own work. The intention of the work is to apply the aesthetics and decorative arts from ancient female textile traditions, such as crocheting, as a valuable part of our time.

Here are some more beautifully coloured pieces from her “Grandma goes to Tokyo,” collection.



In the project “Grandma goes to Tokyo” opposites meet, the old and nostalgic attempts to find new ways in contemporary times. What happens to grandmother’s needlework, such as tatting, crochet work and embroidery in the face of the expressive, colorful and costumed youth culture in Japan?

Inspired by the ornaments and the aesthetics of the old textile crafts of women, the patterns inherited from tatting meet strong fluorescent colors, humor and surrealism, and form the basis for a series of jewelry.



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