Top Pick

This week our Top Pick of jewellery artists is Edinburgh based Caroline Cloughley. Caroline has many fears, lepidophobia (butterflies), mottephobia (moths), achluophobia (the dark), demophobia (crowds) and more she’s probably yet to uncover. Through her work, she attempts to externalize these irrational fears.

Meteor Ring

Meteor Ring

In her beautiful lepidophobia collection, Caroline uses contrasting materials such as precious metal and lamintated wings, to exercise her fear of the seemingly harmless butterfly. She creates jewellery with a rich narrative, reflecting the dichotomy of the beauty and terror found in the objects of her fears.

Thaumatrope Necklace

Thaumatrope Necklace

 Caroline also finds inspiration in the night sky to exercise her fear of the dark, which continues to trouble her long since childhood.

Wing earrings

Using her fears as inspiration and contrasting materials Caroline beautifully captures a sense of fragility in her work. By encapsulating materials which represent these fears she is creating a wearable representation of them which can be worn by and mean something else to someone else.


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