Top Pick

Jewellery by Scottish artist, Beth Legg explores a sense of place through the embedded object and memory. The remote environment she comes from in the far north coast of Scotland  has strongly influenced the work she produces. She has always been fascinated by the hinterlands and quiet edges of places – a bleak remoteness which can be both beautiful and melancholic.


Beths work is beutifully delicate and manages to capture moments of nature which would otherwise be ephemeral or transient.

Fallen Trees

Beth likes to think of the body as a landscape – the jewellery pieces are transformed when worn and the wearer appropriates the narrative of the landscape and forms their own associations through the piece. Away from the wearer she likes work to take on the character of still lives through a contemplative and sensitive interpretation of the sense of place.She tends to work instinctively with materials rather than contriving designs beforehand. She enjoys the labour of traditional hand tool methods – forming a dialogue with materials through the exploration of their innate qualities and discovering their inherent possibilities. Beth finds this process of designing through making both intellectually and emotionally satisfying.


Beths work can be seen as a moving dialogue – each piece an exploration of composing elements encompassing themes of landscape and memory, ultimately reflecting the often bleak and fragile nature of the environment she comes from.


Beths jewellery is incredibly thoughtful and the way she designs through her use of materials is inspiring in a world where CAD is becoming increasingly popular.


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