Top Pick

This weeks top pick is extremely talented Australian Jeweller living in Munich, Helen Britton. Here is some jewellery she created especially for a solo exhibition of her work, in Nurnberg,Germany.

Helen BrittonHelen Britton

Helen BrittonHelen Britton

Here is an excert from Helen’s diary which is featured on her Klimt02 page. It gives great insight into the motivations for her jewellery and the materials she uses.

Munich, 2007. I am still roaming around finding things, hunting for and gathering materials, like I’ve been doing for years. No sea shores here though, a few river banks now and then and also heaps of junk. Europe: the residue of matter, contemporary and otherwise is exotic and plentiful, piled up in the flea markets, spilling onto the streets out of shops, being broken or discarded and crunched back into the earth for centuries. In the last years I have stopped collecting just anything to make my pieces and have now restricted myself in a non-puritanical way to reworking elements that were originally made for the production of jewellery. This seems appropriate for one so obsessed with the significance and history of decoration, these elements making a kind of double reflection, a new intensity of purpose.

HB1These brooches are from her beautiful industrial series.Helen BrittonImg0650

For the exhibition she has created a wall installation of her drawings. Here is an exert from her artists statement about the installation.

What have we got here in this work? All themes of popular culture. Violence,
love, riches, sentimentally, humour, wisdom, the exotic, the precious, the rare;
a friendly small companion, a lucky charm, an amulet. Hope. The small and the
large refrain. While the components themselves are in the form of the cheapest
trinket, the sentiment that they intend to convey reaches into the deepest abyss.
Primal concerns. These components have come bubbling out of the history of
humanity and have drifted around the planet collecting along the tidelines of
human activity.

Helen Britton

Helen Britton

Helen also writes about her work beautiful and the words create a feeling of magic and mystery that trancends into her jewellery. Dont you think…?

If you would like to read more from her Artists Statement just click this link and you will be taken to the PDF document. Dekorationswut


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