Top Pick

Each week on Anomaly we will be featuring our top pick of art jewellery. By Art jewellery we mean something which is artistic and creative, not necessarily conceptual because we believe that jewellery which makes a statement simply through how it looks or the materials it is made from is just as powerful as jewellery which has a deep, conceptual meaning.

Jenny llewellyn4

This week we love this beautiful necklace by Jenny Llewellyn Jewellery. Bright, vibrant and striking, just the way we like it. Jenny is a London based jeweller who specialises in using translucant silicone in her jewellery and mixes it with precious metals to create jewellery inspired by the luminous colours, shapes and movement of creatures from the deep sea.

Jenny Llewellyn

You can see more of Jenny’s work on her facebook page, just click on the picture. Or visit her website

Jenny also makes some slightly less bold but just as beautiful works for those of you who still want something unusual but want to make a more discreet statement.

Jenny llewellyn3

jenny llewellyn2

You can also see and learn more about Jennys work on her new blog.


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