Top Pick

This weeks Top Pick is Edinburgh based jeweller, Jessica Howarth. Jessica graduated with a 1st class Hons from Duncan of Jordanstone in 2011. Jessica’s work embodies themes of travel,the unexpected and narrative elements. Jessica creates sculptural pieces that when taken apart aspects can become jewellery in there own right.  She is currently working on a new collection to be released late spring/early summer 2013.


The village.

couple house

The couple house. The roof holds a pair of studs and a pair of cufflinks.

Jess specialises in enamel work and her sculptural villages have an element curiousity which is accentuated by the fact that there is jewellery either hidden inside them or forming a part of them. You can follow Jess on facebook. Just click the image above.

Monkey Ring

Monkey Ring

Jess also makes a range of more affordable pieces such as these beautiful earrings shown below.

Winter Solstice earrings

Winter Solstice earrings

You can also follow Jess on Tumblr and Etsy and Twitter just click the words.


Top Pick

Each week on Anomaly we will be featuring our top pick of art jewellery. By Art jewellery we mean something which is artistic and creative, not necessarily conceptual because we believe that jewellery which makes a statement simply through how it looks or the materials it is made from is just as powerful as jewellery which has a deep, conceptual meaning.

Jenny llewellyn4

This week we love this beautiful necklace by Jenny Llewellyn Jewellery. Bright, vibrant and striking, just the way we like it. Jenny is a London based jeweller who specialises in using translucant silicone in her jewellery and mixes it with precious metals to create jewellery inspired by the luminous colours, shapes and movement of creatures from the deep sea.

Jenny Llewellyn

You can see more of Jenny’s work on her facebook page, just click on the picture. Or visit her website

Jenny also makes some slightly less bold but just as beautiful works for those of you who still want something unusual but want to make a more discreet statement.

Jenny llewellyn3

jenny llewellyn2

You can also see and learn more about Jennys work on her new blog.

Interview #1 – Leo Caballero

So here it is the much anticipated interview with Leo Caballero, co – founder of Klimt02. Alonside Amador Bartomeu, Leo founded Klimt02 in 2002, with the aim of making art jewellery more accessible to a wider audience.

So Leo what made you realise that Klimt02 was needed within the jewellery sector? How did you become aware that there was a gap in the market?

In 2002 that was when we, Amador Bertomeu & Leo Caballero, decided to launch Klimt02. There was almost no information about contemporary jewellery then. It was very hard to find on the internet, not collected, processed or selected information. We just realised we had to do it as in contemporary jewellery there is a very high level of creativity. Note That we talk about 10 year ago, the internet was not what it is nowadays.

What kind of future partnerships do you think Klimt02 could foster? What kind of projects would you like to get involved in?

We are open to hear about projects, we are very open to collaborations to develop interesting projects. By now we run the community, the gallery and we also are publishing books from time to time. Our idea has been always get people together as we all can get more from working &  collaborating in the same directions even though we have different projects or goals.

What kind of project stands out to you? What impresses you most? What makes you stand up and take note?

We are now working very hard to improve the website, this is something we are very concentrated on now, as well as with the gallery programme of exhibitions. All these things take a lot of time and energy. What impress me more? I think is finding new works by artists I did not know, the energy and power of these works. The idea of always learning something new. This is also what make us stand and take note. As well as people working very professionally, we think this is a basic need for becoming a success.

If you could have chosen another career what would it be?

I’m not sure, difficult to say but for sure something related to creation, to creativity.

Leo Caballero and Amador Bartomeu

If you were trying to sell Klimt02 to someone what would you say?

Our policy is not to sell it directly, we have learnt that people must get convinced by themselves, there is a time for each person or each person needs its time. But sure we can answer any questions about why it’s good to be at Klimt02. Anyway a good way to explain to someone would be: to be at the proper place to have the best visibility &  the best communication of your work.

What 3 words would you use to describe yourself?

Ufff, maybe I could say: a hard worker, curious to learn & fast thinking.

What kind of thing do you think could improve the jewellery sector?

Open contemporary jewellery to the general public, to new targets, to people who know nothing about it but are sure they will love it.

Who is your favourite jeweller?

I have not just a favourite, can’t say just one name.

Have you ever thought about setting up Klimt02 awards? Taking on interns or setting up residencies?

Yes, we have thought about an award, & probably it will come. Maybe with a partnership… who knows? We already have had interns working with us when they finish at school. We think is good as it is a real experience on how a company works and they are in touch with many different tasks, so they learn many things its not possible to learn at school.

What country do you think is leading the way in contemporary jewellery?

I don’t think there is a country leading at the moment in  terms of the classical concept of what leading is. Sure there are more countries with richer history (Germany, Netherlands…) they are a mirror for us in a way, but nowadays with all the easy mobility of teachers and students I think depends more on individuals than on countries or even schools.

So there you have it. An interview with Leo. I found it very inspiring so I hope you do too. Please leave comments and let me know what you think.